When you're purchasing water heaters for your plumbing company or commercial property, you want to be sure that you're investing in quality products. The last thing you want is to set up a water heater in a customer or tenant's home only for that water heater to fail in a few years. Low-quality products reflect poorly on your business. That means you need to be sure you're choosing high-quality water heaters from a supplier you can rely on.

But how can you be sure the water heaters you choose are right for your business? Here, we've collected some of the key features to look for in water heaters.


Energy-efficiency is crucial for water heaters because water heating makes up 18% of a home's energy costs. Potential customers are more likely to work with your plumbing company if you offer water heaters that are energy-efficient and will help to keep their heating bills down.

If you're an income property owner or restaurant owner, the energy-efficiency of your commercial water heaters is just as important for you because it'll be impacting your finances directly. When looking at residential or commercial water heaters, be sure to check for an Energy Factor (EF) rating on the unit, which measures how efficiently the water heater converts energy into heat.

Required space

Another important factor to consider when purchasing water heaters is the space necessary to install them. If you're a plumbing company and the majority of your customers are homeowners, you'll want to look for residential water heaters that are smaller in size that will appeal to your audience. Electric tankless water heaters are especially popular for this reason.

If you're a property manager or business owner looking for water heaters for a larger-scale property, size may not be as much of a problem for you. Instead, storage capacity may be the biggest contributing factor to your choice of water heater. In this case, larger commercial water heaters with a storage tank capable of holding water for the entire building are ideal.

Fuel source

If you're a plumbing company, it's good to have a variety of different residential water heaters to meet the needs of your customers. The majority of homeowners use electricity or gas in their homes and some may prefer gas water heaters or electric. As a property owner, consider the type of water heater you'd prefer in your building. Gas water heaters will need special ventilation, so if you don't have that available, an electric water heater may be the better option for you.

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