When it comes to managing a hotel, there are several necessities to providing the best customer experience. You need televisions, lights, and continuous hot water. It can prove challenging to factor climate change into the hotel management experience, but there are several small things that can make a big difference in your energy bill and the environment! 

Invest in "Mood Lighting"

The most obvious way to quickly use power and energy is to always keep the lights on. Aside from replacing your current bulbs with those eco-friendlier and energy-efficient, there are also many cheap ways to cut down on energy-hogging light sources. These past few years have seen an emphasis on "mood lighting," or dimmer rooms with small light sources. This can be a deco chandelier, a soft lantern, or even Christmas lights. Decorating lobbies, restaurant areas, and bars with mood lighting are sure to draw in younger audiences.

Invest in Automated Controls

Have you ever had the lights turn off on you as soon as you left the bathroom? Well, that small detail saves many businesses a ton of energy each year. Automated motion controls ensure that lights are not left on, particularly in rooms recently left or restrooms in the hotel lobby. These vary in price but have a very fast installation time. 

Additionally, HVAC machines can be outfitted with automated controls as well. This will shut off the powerful AC that a guest left running when they left, or the heat that has been accidentally turned on for a few days in an abandoned room. Cutting down on AC and heating when it's not needed is a great way to become more energy efficient in your hotel.

Invest in a Tankless Water Heater

One of the details that guests most look forward to in their hotel stay is continuous hot water. Nothing beats a hot shower after travel, and rest assured that almost every guest will take one. An excellent idea to save energy would be investing in a tankless electric water heater. These heaters are incredibly efficient and will replace minutes of waiting for the water to get hot with almost instant and continuous hot water. Additionally, tankless water heaters are known to be 34% more energy efficient than other water heaters. 

Between cheaper lights, HVAC automation, and tankless electric water heaters, the sky's the limit on how much energy you want to save in your hotel. Not only are energy efficient hotels cutting costs, but they are also helping sustain the environment.