If it's time to replace the water heaters on your property, you'll want to be informed about the latest trends. Here are five trends to know regarding residential and commercial water heaters this year.

1. Increased Efficiency

New water heaters are more efficient than ever, thanks to improved insulation, heat exchangers, and sensors. Tankless water heaters with condensing technology can be over 90% efficient. Even standard storage tank heaters have increased efficiency ratings. Upgrading to a newer, more efficient model can reduce your monthly utility bills compared to an older unit. According to ENERGY STAR, on an annual basis, an ENERGY STAR commercial electric heat pump water heater would be expected to save at least 10 Megawatt per hour, with an emissions savings equivalent to removing 1.5 cars from the road per year. This year's water heaters make it easy to save on energy costs.

2. Smart Technology Integration

Today's water heaters are getting smarter, with some models incorporating Wi-Fi and smart home connectivity. Advanced units allow monitoring and temperature adjustment from your smartphone or voice control through smart speakers. Some even self-diagnose problems and will alert you to contact manufacturers when repairs are needed. Smart water heater controls add next-level convenience and ease to managing hot water.

3. More Sustainable Options

Sustainability is a priority for manufacturers today. There are now more eco-friendly models available that utilize heat pump technology, solar power, or hybrid electric designs to reduce environmental impact. Commercial water heaters are also adopting greener features like pipe insulation and recirculation to decrease waste. Water heater upgrades are an easy way to add sustainability to your business.

4. Compact Tankless Units

Tankless water heaters continue to grow in popularity for their efficiency and space savings. New designs make them more accessible, with compact units sized for condos, apartments, and smaller spaces. Compact tankless models can be mounted on walls and under sinks. Their minimal footprint allows installing hot water where you need it, even in tight spaces.

5. Enhanced Safety Mechanisms

Safety is another development focus in modern water heater engineering. Leak detection, flame failure prevention, automatic shutoffs, and cathodic protection help prevent accidents and damage. These proactive features can detect and address problems before they become catastrophic system failures. Today's models provide next-level safety.

This year's water heater options offer advancements in efficiency, technology, sustainability, and safety. As you budget for a hot water upgrade, consider the benefits of a new, feature-rich model over simply repairing an aging unit. The improvements may justify replacement. If you're in the market for new and efficient commercial water heaters, call Miami Water Heaters today for an estimate.