Did you know that about 18% of the energy you use is used to heat up water? Tank model water heaters, fill up with water, then constantly run to keep the water at a certain temperature. A tankless water heater does not have a tank full of water constantly heating and wasting energy. A tankless electric water heater can use a fraction of the energy that a traditional electric water heater consumes. If it is time to replace your water heater you should consider a tankless water heater as an option.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

Unlike traditional water heaters a tankless water heater like the Rheem RTEX 13 only heats the water that you call for by opening the tap. In other words, you are not heating gallons and gallons of water that you do not need. Tankless water heaters save tons of energy, are space-saving, and can easily meet your demand for hot water. They are great cost-saving devices that may be the perfect replacement for your old water heater. When you open the tap to the hot water the water heater kicks in and heats the water almost instantly, for as long as you need the hot water. Once you turn the tap off, the water heater turns off.

How Much Can You Save With a Tankless Water Heater?

Of course, the big question is “how much can I save with a tankless water heater?”. Savings really depends on usage, the size of your family and the type of tankless water heater you choose. According to Energy Star statistics you can expect to save at least $200 a year with a tankless option. The savings start to mount the more you use it. Ultimately, if you are energy conscious this is the water heater you want for your home.

Learn More About Tankless Water Heaters

One of the best ways to find out if a tankless heater is the right water heater option for your home and your family is to connect with your local plumber. You can learn about installation costs, expected savings and whether the Rheem RTEX 13 electric tankless water heater is the right choice for your home.