Selecting the right water heater is an important decision for any business. Hot water is essential for many daily operations, from handwashing to sanitation. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, it ultimately accounts for almost one-fifth of most properties' energy use. This guide will walk you through key ideas to consider when choosing a commercial water heater.

Evaluating Your Hot Water Requirements

The first step is thoroughly evaluating how your business uses hot water. Realistically, a high-volume restaurant has different hot water needs than a small office. Consider tasks that require hot water such as dishwashing, laundry, or showers. This helps determine the necessary tank size and heating capacity.

Calculating the Right Tank Size and Capacity

Work with a water heater supplier to calculate the appropriate tank size and heating capacity based on your expected peak usage. Getting the right size is crucial. An undersized tank will lead to shortages of hot water at busy times. For high-volume businesses like hospitals and larger kitchens, multiple smaller tanks may be the best option.

Comparing Fuel Source Options

Commercial water heaters come in electric, gas, tankless, solar, and hybrid models. Compare the pros and cons of each fuel type for your situation. Electric units have low maintenance costs but can have higher operating expenses. Gas heaters are very energy efficient but require ventilation. Tankless heaters provide continuous hot water on demand but tend to cost more upfront. Solar and hybrid options are sustainable but rely on favorable weather conditions.

Researching Quality and Efficient Models

Be sure to research energy ratings, warranties, brand reputations, and reviews when selecting a model. Prioritize energy-efficient units to save on operating expenses long-term. Compare warranty terms to ensure the tank and parts are sufficiently covered. Choose established brands like Rheem with proven reliability and performance. It could also be a good idea to consult with experienced plumbers regarding proper installation and maintenance needs.

Choosing the ideal commercial water heater requires a thorough assessment of your usage, operational needs, and business goals. Taking the time upfront to evaluate the key factors results in water heating that meets your needs for years to come. Call Miami Water Heater today to get help finding and installing the ideal water heater for your business.