A hot water heater is a vitally important part of the way that you do business. In fact, the success of your business depends on having enough hot water available on demand to meet your customers’ needs. If you’ve been considering a new commercial water heater, there are numerous reasons to have one installed.

Adding a tankless commercial water heater for your business can provide your business with the following benefits:

Keep Up with Customer Demand

Installing a new tankless commercial water heater can help ensure that you have enough hot water on hand to keep up with customer demand, no matter how busy your business gets. A commercial water heating company can provide you with a commercial water heater that’s the correct size for your business, which you can then have installed by a professional plumber. This will ensure that you have the hot water that you need, when you need it most.

Save Money on Utility Bills

Using an old-fashioned commercial water heater may lead to increased utility bills as the unit struggles to keep up with your business’s demand for hot water. Installing a modern, tankless unit can help your business save money on utility costs. A commercial water heating company can help suggest the heater that’s the right size for your business’s hot water consumption.

Make Green Business Decisions

According to Plumbing Manufacturers International, 13.7% of water usage is actually due to leaks. Upgrading your water heater can help limit the amount of water that your company wastes each year, as when you have it installed, the plumbing company can install new plumbing. If you ask them to, they can also check your business’s entire plumbing system for leaks in order to reduce future waste. If possible, select an Energy Star branded hot water heater, as these are typically the models that will use the least amount of energy.

When you’re considering upgrading your commercial hot water heater, there are numerous reasons to consider a tankless option. Adding this type of appliance can help you save money on your utility bills throughout the year, allow you to keep up with hot water demand from your customers, and allow you to promote yourself as a green business. Reach out to a commercial water heating company near you to learn more about the various options you can choose from.