Water heaters are essential appliances that make it possible for people in your household to take comfortable baths and showers. After some time, your water heater may present issues while working. According to Inman, around 98% of customers call for service when a water heater malfunctions. Should you also call for maintenance or seek guidance for purchasing a replacement unit? Determine the right course of action by considering the factors detailed below.

Water Heater Performance

Getting an energy efficient water heater is highly recommended for a few reasons. For starters, you want an energy efficient unit because you will use that appliance often. You need a water heater that can provide efficient performance because you’ll have to devote a big chunk of your monthly budget to your electric bills otherwise.

Take it as a sign that something’s wrong if your normally energy efficient water heater is suddenly causing your monthly bills to spike. Examine your electric bills for clues regarding the efficiency of your water heater. You can then call service professionals so they can check if your appliance is suffering from efficiency woes. They can inspect your water heater to determine whether it can still be fixed or warrants replacement.

Water Heater Type

Next, you need to consider what type of water heater you have when deciding what to do next. Repairing your water heater makes sense if you have a tankless model that’s still on the younger side. Chances are your tankless water heater is only plagued by relatively minor issues that can be addressed with expert service.

Seeking a replacement is the better course of action if you have an older water heater. Even if your old water heater can still be repaired, replacing it is the better option. Replacing your unit saves you from sinking more money into a faulty appliance. You can also enjoy the efficiency benefits only a newer water heater can provide.

Water Heater Warranty

Lastly, you should remember to look at your water heater’s warranty while deciding between your options. The terms of the warranty may even make the decision for you. If the warranty still provides comprehensive repairs for your unit, you should take advantage of that offer. Purchasing a replacement deserves more consideration if your warranty has expired.

Mitigate the impact of a failing water heater on your household by quickly addressing it. Determine if repairing or replacing your unit is the right way to go based on the information in this article. Contact us today at Miami Water Heater whether you’re seeking maintenance or a new water heater, so we can provide what you need!