Do you know how rainwater harvesting helps conserve and store water? We’re here to guide you on the process of rainwater harvesting and the benefits of investing in water storage tanks. Let’s take a look at what rainwater harvesting is and the different techniques used to store water that saves the environment while helping you cut down costs.

What Is Rainwater Harvesting?

In simple terms, rainwater harvesting is a method of collecting and storing rainwater for future use. It’s considered to be a reliable and efficient way of conserving water and protecting the environment. Used extensively earlier, the ancient method of storing water has gone through a modern technological revolution for both urban and rural settings. Not only can it be used to water gardens, but you can also wash dishes, flush toilets and use it for daily chores. When properly filtered, you can even drink it. It’s easy to maintain, economical, and reduces water wastage and utility bills.

Rainwater Harvesting Techniques

There are many techniques used to collect water from rooftop tanks and ground floor platforms. Here are a few common methods.

Rain Barrels

This method that uses barrels and tanks to store rainwater is ideal for homes and some commercial applications. Storage barrels are installed on a flat surface and are connected to the rooftop downspout guttering system. The rainwater travels through these pipes and is collected in the barrels.

For a more sophisticated setup, connect the barrels to your plumbing system and attach a pipe to provide backup water in case of a water crisis.

Dry System

It is a very cheap method of collecting rainwater but has significant benefits for residential users. Similar to the barrel system, a dry system utilizes a larger storage tank. Moreover, the barrel is set up a few meters away from the house, with the rain gutter spouts modified to reach the distance.

Wet System

The wet system of collecting rainwater is completely opposite to the dry system as the storage tanks are placed underneath the ground. The wet system uses a revolutionary system of underground pipes to connect the barrel to the downspout pipeline. This method ensures that water is always present in the collection pipes and no leakage occurs.

Green Roof

True to its name, the green roof technique is used to direct rainwater directly into the garden. It ensures that rainwater doesn’t go to waste by installing a drainage system that supplies water straight to the backyard.

Invest In Rainwater Harvesting Storage Tanks

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