When you are a property manager, you must have hot running water. Failure to have hot water can lead to upset residents or clients and even a loss of business. However, knowing when to replace a commercial gas water heater can leave many property owners stumped. While you should always expect to conduct regular inspection and maintenance through professional means for a hot water heater, there are some signs that you can watch out for that will tell you your commercial gas hot water heater needs repair or replacement.

Strange Noises

When it comes to equipment and machinery, loud noises generally indicate a serious problem. If your commercial gas hot water heater has started making weird or loud alarming noises, then it is time to call a professional commercial water heating company to come and check it out. Strange noises are usually due to a loose or broken part. Oftentimes, this just requires a new part to be put in place and the damaged parts are removed. However, not correcting this issue could compromise the entire hot water heater.

Improper Heating

You may have noticed or you may have gotten some complaints that the water is not completely heating up all the way. The water may also only be getting lukewarm and then getting cold. This is due to an issue with your commercial gas water heater. This can cause the costs of your heating bill to rise. So, if you have noticed an increase in your bill then this issue could be the culprit.


If you are experiencing leaking, then you will immediately know that there is an issue with your hot water heater. When working properly, your commercial gas hot water heater should never be leaking. If you are observing for leaks, make sure to check all around the base of the hot water heater, as well as near any pipes or tubes. One common issue with older hot water heaters is that they are more susceptible to leaks. If you are planning on investing in a tankless water heater, know that their life expectancy is upwards of 20 years.


Water heaters should be routinely inspected and maintained by a professional commercial water heater service company. While water heaters generally do last a long time when they are well-maintained, they do not last forever. The average lifespan of a typical water heater is around 10 years. Once the water heater has reached the end of its life, it may begin to break down and cause more issues or just stop working altogether.

If you are experiencing water heater issues, it may be time to replace your commercial water heaters. Speaking with a professional commercial gas water heater supply company can help to give you the insight you need to get the product that will best work for you and your needs.