A water heater is an essential part of every household in the U.S. Ironically, it’s the most ignored appliance too. We take it for granted. People don’t realize the importance of a water heater until it stops working while they’re standing in a shower with hair covered in shampoo. To start off your search for the most efficient, long-lasting and an economical heater, you need to decide between tankless or a storage tank water heating system. The difference between the two is of the preheated storage tank. A traditional water heater stores gallons of water in a tank that is constantly heated; whereas the tankless water heater uses electricity or gas to heat the water only when it’s needed. So, which one is better?

Pros of Tankless Water Heater

Saves Money Tankless water heaters may have a higher upfront cost, but it certainly saves money over time. Households in Florida might want to invest in a cost-efficient alternative to reduce their expense up to $100 annually. Takes up Less Space Tankless heaters are a lot smaller and can easily be mounted on a wall, under the cabinet or even outside if you’ve run out of space. Hot Water On-Demand Who doesn’t want an uninterrupted supply of hot water 24/7? Installing a tankless water heater gives you the benefit of using hot water whenever it’s needed. Lives longer If you’re planning to live in the home for a long time, you may want to purchase a tankless water heater. Its life expectancy is twice as long compared to a storage water heater.

Cons of Tankless Water Heater

Higher Initial Cost If you’re tight on a budget and looking to save for the month, this might not be the best choice. The cost may vary depending on the type, size and the specifics of your home. Retrofitting Replacing a tankless water heater may require retrofitting the pipes, either gas or electric. This may add a few bucks to the upfront cost unlike storage tanks.

Pros of Storage Water Heater

Lower Initial Cost The installation can cost half as much as a tankless water heater. If you’re on a saving spree, you might want to look for the perfect storage tank for your home. Easy and Inexpensive Maintenance The storage water tank is less complicated in terms of replacement and repair. In case of poor work efficiency, the repair cost is unlikely to put a dent in your wallet.

Cons of Storage Water Tank

Takes up Space If your home is spatially challenged then you may want to consider another option for your home as storage water tank takes up more space than a tankless water heater. Higher Bills Storage water tanks are most likely to leave a hole in your pocket if they’re placed in a cool environment. The preheating may require more hard work during colder days which can considerably increase your bills. Lives Shorter In comparison, they have a shorter life span and may need to be replaced twice as often as a tankless water heater. When deciding which water heater is best for you, you may need to consider your water usage, lifestyle and budget. Miami Water Heater, in Miami, Florida, has a team of technicians with years of experience and in depth knowledge, who can help you make a better choice. Check out their water heater brands here! They also specialize in commercial water heater solutions. Call (305) 633-2656 for any questions!