As more homeowners search for ways to be environmentally friendly, they realize how much their hot water usage contributes to their utility bills. According to Forbes, heating water makes up around 18% of the energy use for an average property. However, when you start taking steps to limit your hot water, you’ll instantly notice a difference in your energy usage.

Install a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless hot water systems are one of the most modern ways to decrease energy usage. Instead of having a tank full of constantly heated water, the water flows through a small fixture. It’s heated as it passes through, so you only have hot water when needed.

Maintain Your Hot Water Heater

If your hot water heater hasn't been maintained, needs a repair, or needs to be replaced, there's a chance that it could be using more heat than necessary to heat the same amount of water. As a result, your energy bills may climb. Be sure to contact your local hot water systems experts if you suspect something may be wrong with your water heater.

Limit Your Showers

There’s nothing like a long, hot shower at the end of the day, but this isn’t good for the environment or yourself. The constant barrage of hot water can wreak havoc on your skin. It will also increase your utility bills. Instead, only shower for as long as you really need to in order to limit how much water you use.

Install Low Flow Fixtures

Next to new hot water systems, these are the most popular ways to conserve water. Low-flow fixtures, like low-flow showerheads and faucets, use significantly less water than standard fixtures. That’s because they are specially designed to help your family conserve water.

Use Cold Water for Laundry

Most people use hot water to wash their laundry. That’s because of a common myth that hot water gets clothing cleaner. However, that’s not true. Instead, use cold water to wash your laundry. Nothing shrinks, the colors are vibrant longer, and it still gets clean.

If you're looking to limit your hot water usage while still getting the most out of your hot water systems, reach out to Miami Water Heater today! We specialize in tankless hot water heaters, including installation and maintenance.