Commercial water heaters must be effective, for their function is critical to the operations of restaurants, hotels, and other business establishments. Manufacturers must test to check for resistance to dust, corrosion, as well as venting and thermal efficiency. In addition, government regulations now require the equipment to be energy efficient. It is for those reasons that water heaters have many features to suit various residential and commercial needs. Here are some of the features you may want to consider for commercial applications.

Tank Versus Tankless Water Heaters

Tank systems have an insulated container that stores water after heating. They often use natural gas or electricity as fuel. The main advantage of traditional tank water heaters is that they are easy to install. Most tank storage systems use natural gas, which is more cost-effective for heating than electricity. Because they are less complicated and have fewer parts, their maintenance is simpler and affordable. One of the major drawbacks of the traditional tank is that it often needs to reheat the water. In cold environments, it can keep raising the temperature of the water, regardless of your current needs. They also take time to heat water and require a significant amount of space. If your business requires a 100 gallon commercial water heater, a tankless system is more likely to be suitable for your applications. A tankless system yields 22% more energy-efficient than a traditional heater. For heating more than 86 gallons of water, 8-14% of energy efficiency is possible. Tankless systems are costly to acquire and repair. They also provide heating on demand and do not hold much water. You need to determine how much water it can deliver in a given period. Otherwise, the heater will end up drawing more water than it can heat.

Drain Valve Type

It is important to routinely drain your commercial water heater. Regular flushing prevents the buildup of sediments in the tank. If the drain valve is broken or leaks, it will need immediate replacement. There are three main materials you’ll find for drain valves. There are composite, plastic, and brass valve types. Plastic is the cheapest, but it is also the least durable. If you are shopping for a 100 gallon commercial water heater, you should consider a valve made of brass. Brass can handle much higher temperatures and are more likely to last longer.

Scaling Prevention in Water Heaters

Hard water can leave mineral deposits in the tank as well as the electrodes of the heating equipment. Silicate and sulfates can coat the bottom of the tank, which interferes with the normal operation of the heater. Significant accumulation of scale and minerals can increase the noise, reduce the quantity of water heated, and shorten the lifespan of the system. Regular flushing of the water from the tank can reduce the accumulation of scale. However, there are commercial water heater manufacturers who have an anti-scale feature for their devices. The feature works by reducing minerals in hard water, into harmless crystals. Reducing scaling is a feature that is often not necessary for residential use. However, commercial devices may require extra help due to the heavy-duty work they are subjected to every day. Some 100 gallon commercial water heaters also have a glass lining at the bottom to prevent corrosion.

Interactive Display

A digital display could prove to be very useful for commercial water heaters. They allow for precise customization of the heater’s operations. Modern devices have additional options such as the vacation mode. The vacation mode automates the temperature controls so that the device remains efficient and working while you are away.

In Conclusion

There are varying features you’ll find on commercial water heaters. While some features are not absolutely necessary for home applications, they are useful for commercial equipment. For example, the anti-scale feature common in a 100 gallon commercial water heater is necessary for busy operations where deposit buildup is likely. Understanding your specific needs will help you choose the best equipment for your business.