The holidays are a great time filled with great gatherings. Of course, there is a bit of a downside to all those gatherings when it comes to the cost of water. Water usage is typically greatly increased during the holidays. Thankfully, a tankless water heater installed before the holiday guests arrive can conserve both water and electricity and make those holiday gatherings stress-free. You do not have to demand that grandma and grandpa keep their shower time limited.

Holiday Time Does Not Mean You Should Throw Out Conservation

Conserving energy is important for everyone. It can be easy to get caught up with the holiday cheer and forget that the bills will still arrive in January. It is estimated that a family of four will use about 400 gallons of water a day during the holidays. Houseguests will push that usage up by about 200 gallons.

For families that are committed to conserving energy, the tankless heater option can be the best option. Instead of wasting water and energy, the tankless version delivers hot water on demand. Homeowners that want to stay on track with energy savings appreciate the tankless option.

How a Tankless Water Heater Can Help

Traditional water heaters have tanks that constantly heat up water. That means energy is constantly running. Much of the energy used to keep the water at a constant temperature in a tanked water heater is wasted. The tankless water heater solution can help to keep the costs down is a great way to save energy.

The average tanked water heater has a fifteen-year life expectancy. However, a tankless water heater can last for over twenty years, making it a better overall value.

Plumbers that offer these energy-saving installations to homeowners and property managers help both the individual save and promote environmentally friendly options. The value of adding a tankless water heater can be exponential.

Other Ways to Save Water

Any family that wants to save water this holiday season should be introduced to the tankless water heater, low flow showerheads, and water-conserving toilet tanks. There are plenty of ways homeowners, property managers, and landlords can help save water and cut back on energy costs. The right fixtures do make a difference.