Commercial water heaters fail for many reasons, so you want to purchase a brand that is reliable for your customers. Plumbers, landlords, restaurants, and hotels need reliable commercial water heaters to run properly. Commercial water heaters run on gas, oil, or electricity to heat up the water in the tank. Tankless hot water heaters provide water without a tank by heating the water as it passes through the heater. Some water heaters are heated by solar power. No matter what type you have, eventually you may need to replace it.

Signs Your Commercial Water Heater Is Failing

You will be able to know if your water heater is failing if the water is cold and does not heat properly. When you need hot water it is not hot enough for running appliances or for your tenants to take showers. The water is only warm but never hot when you need it. It has caused problems in your job or running your business. The residents and staff have told you the water is rusty or dirty. When you checked, water was leaking from your commercial water heater. When this happens, it might be time to buy a new water heater from a commercial water heater service and have a plumber install it.

Ways to Keep Your Commercial Water Heater Working

It may be wise to have your water heater metal anode rods checked by a plumber and replaced if needed because they rust easily. Sediment builds up in the tank and having it professionally flushed every year is important. Water pressure that is too high may need to have the temperature and relief valve replaced or the setting changed. The wrong size tank can cause problems with the heater. You should try to estimate the amount of water you need and the size of the motor needed. Commercial water heaters do wear out and need to be replaced after several years of use.

Some Tips for Choosing a Commercial Water Heater

You need to know the amount of water your company, building, restaurant, or clients need to use. Your commercial water heater service can help you determine the right water heater and motor size for your needs. They can help you choose the unit size depending on the size of the commercial building. A miscalculation can cost you money and cause you to lose customers. You will need a larger, more powerful water heater if you use water frequently.

Your commercial water heater service can help you choose an energy-efficient commercial water heater to help you save money. Contact us for an appointment to learn more about the best commercial hot water heater for your business, apartment building, or property.