A major chunk of every homeowner’s monthly budget goes into paying bills. Utility costs determine the cost of living in a particular state, especially during times of high usage. In winters, in particular, utility bills can be higher than usual because of increased heating requirements. Although Miami has a generally warm climate, there are some instances when you need to heat your home. But among all the utility bills you pay, the water bill may fluctuate the most. This is because water is potentially everywhere. From cooking, drinking, and washing to the water that flows through taps and toilets; its uses are endless. So the next time you see a high water bill, don’t be alarmed! There’s always a way to fix the issue if you know the underlying cause.


Do you hear a subtle tap tap sound coming from your bathroom even when the faucets are closed? This is a surefire sign of a water leak. Faucet leaks lead to around 4,000 drips in one day, which equals a gallon! Most toilets and faucets leak when they’re old or if some internal mechanism is broken. This problem is more likely to take place if you’ve been living in the same house for some time and the fixtures haven’t been replaced. If you shut off the valve and the leaking persists, you’ll have to get a professional to either fix the leak or replace the fixture.

Water wasting habits

Your water bills depend on your personal use. If you fill the bathtub all the way, leave the tap running even if you’re not using it, and over-water plants, you’re contributing to the problem.

Other examples of water wastage include lengthy showers (do you have teens?), keeping the tap running while shaving, and other water intensive activities. You’d be surprised to learn about the savings you can achieve by just altering your habits a bit.

Inefficient heating solutions

When buying a water heating solution, we usually check for options that cost less and last longer, but do we ever think of how they affect our utility bills? The fuel that your water heater uses determines the cost of its operations. If it runs on electricity or gas, it’s going to cost you more in the long run. We suggest solar water heaters. The running cost is low because they run on sunlight, which is virtually free! According to the US Department of Energy, solar water heaters can reduce your water and energy costs by at least 50%! This is because they dissipate less energy. Looking for energy-efficient solar water heaters in Miami? Get in touch with Miami Water Heater. We cater to both commercial and residential clients and offer annual service visits as a part of our maintenance agreement. Get in touch now.