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• Fits Most Water Heaters – Screw-In Elements with 1 inch NPSM threads fit most water heaters which use screw-in type elements.

• About R-Tech – Elements designated “R-Tech” feature a patented resistored design that increased the life of both the element and water heater tank.

• Watt Density Guide – Lower watt density means the element stays cooler and will last longer.

• LWD – Low Watt Density (100 Watts/Square Inch or less)

• MWD – Medium Watt Density (101 to 150 Watts/Square Inch)

• HWD – High Watt Density (Over 150 Watts/Square Inch)

• Sheath Material Guide

• Stainless Steel – Premium corrosion protection for long element life

• Copper – High quality corrosion protection; may be coated with tin, nickel or other protective finish