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Advantage Plus HE119-160


AdvantagePlus is a family of ultra-high efficiency commercial gas water heaters with 95 percent thermal efficiency for lower operating costs

Features & Benefits
Rheem AdvantagePlus™ water heaters offer ultra-high efficiency and reliability. Models are available that range from 100,000-199,000 Btu/h, with a temperature setting from 70 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit; 180-degree maximum temperature available on HE55-160 and HE55-199 models, with included booster kit.


  95% Thermal efficiency

  2″ Non-CFC, polyurethane foam insulation reduces standby heat loss

Electronic Control Panel
Self-diagnostic electronic control with HSI ignition control and diagnostics.

Technology & Construction
The heart of the system is a coil heat exchanger, which is constructed of corrosion resistant, high efficiency, 90/10 cupronickel. Stainless steel tank construction requires no anode rods. Durable plastic exterior shell.

 Removable Front Cover
Allows for easy access to equipment (24 inches of service clearance is recommended)

 Low Cost Venting
No chimney required. Vents through standard PVC, CPVC and ABS pipes, with a vent run up to 85 feet total for exhaust and intake.

 Power Direct Vent
Install as a two-pipe power direct vent when air quality or negative air pressure are issues. Optional concentric vent kits are available for side or vertical venting. Optional aluminum outside vent termination kit.

CSA/ASME Rated T&P Valve
Factory installed relief valve

Ultra-Low NOx Burner
Design reduces NOx emissions to less than 14 ng/J. (SCAQMD Rule 1146.2 compliant)

Zero clearance to combustibles

Altitude Certification
Certified up to 10,000 feet above sea level