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El Sid Solar Circulating Pump


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Battery Operated. Model SID10B12SS

DC Voltage
Lead Free Stainless Steel

SID stands for static-impeller driven, which means the pump contains an electronic driver or motor that has no moving parts but simply spins on a magnetic field. The magnetic field grasps the impeller and visibly spins it without any moving parts or seals. As a result, it’s extremely long-lived without much power consumption. These pumps are completely stainless steel, so they don’t corrode.

The El SID pumps have no seals which can leak, and no bearings to get hot or brushes to spark – they are explosion proof.


A 10-Watt driver used with 12-volt battery systems. The speed of this driver will change with battery condition (voltage). Often used in radiant floor application, etc.

Product Applications:
• 12 Volt Battery applications (usually lead-acid)
• Radiant floor circulation zone pump. Fuse @ 1A

Product Function:
This pump is used to circulate the water throughout the radiant panel or other hot water heat emitting system.


Product Advantages:

  • Power requirement is less than half that of conventional AC pumps powered by inverter.
  • Additional energy savings can be realized by using individual zone pumps instead of a single pump with zone valves.
  • This method can reduce power consumption by 75%.
    Energy saving greatly reduces the size and cost of the power system required.Product Features:
    Stainless steel construction
    • Power source AC/DC
    • High efficiency – typical start 1 watt
    • Magnetic coupled drive
    • Locked impeller protected [PV]
    • No shaft – no fan
    • Brushless motors
    • No maintenance required
    • Quiet operationLED Signals
    Four red LEDs will glow when the impeller is spinning. Two will light if the impeller is stuck, one above and one below.Product Specifications:
    • 10 Watts
    • Max Head 3.5 ft.
    • Max Flow 3.3 gpm
    • Light weight – 2 lbs
    • Compact size: 2.75″ sq – 3″ thick
    • Low voltage [class II] driver
    • High temperature – 250°F fluid max.
    • High pressure – 175 psi. max
    • Vertical or horizontal pipingAll Drivers are Static Impeller Drivers™. SID™ and look the same; see circuit board for model#.

    Shown is 1/2″ female NPT adapters and 1/2″ pipe. Also shown are the heads of four Philips screws that fasten the 2W2 driver onto the head.

    Wetted materials are:
    • Food Grade Stainless Steel
    • Teflon
    • Hi-Temp ROYTON Plastic
    • Ceramic Ferrite Magnet