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The HOLDRITE QUICK STRAP® #QS-120 is a seismic/earthquake support system for
water heaters up to 120 U.S. gallons in size. The system includes: (4) Straps,
(4) J-Clips, (4) Lag Bolts, (2) 3/8″ Carriage Bolts and (2) 3/8″ Hex Nuts. The Quick
Link® system allows for full adjustment from the front side of the water heater.

Pipe Size: UP TO 120 GAL.

  • The most tested and recognized water heater seismic restraint
  • Galvanized water heater strap in box
  • Supports up to 120 gallon water heaters

Approved for use in City of Los Angeles (LA CITY APPROVAL #RR5465)