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With more than two decades of great success and customer satisfaction with our Titan-ETH, Titan-ATC, Titan-SCR, and Titan-SCR2, we decided it was time to increase the Titan family of tankless water heaters.

Many things have changed in the last 25 years; most notably, in the past most houses had a bathroom with a standard shower and a sink. Today many homeowners and builders are upgrading the bathrooms with new things like body sprayers and multiple showerheads. Also additions like whirlpool tubs have become standard in new constructions as opposed to an expensive remodeling a few years ago. That is the main reason for the need for a bigger capacity tankless water heater development, another reason for a bigger unit is the cold temperatures in northern states where a higher rise in temperature is needed to heat the water instantly.

We spent a lot of time talking with our distributors, installers, and customers directly, getting their feedback of what they were looking for. After two years of development and testing, we are proud to say that have achieved a state of the art heater and the newest member of the Niagara Industries family the TITAN-SCR4.

Available in three models, the new TITAN-SCR4 comes in 18 KW, and 21 KW; which is ideal for a wide range of applications including residential and some commercial applications. One TITAN-SCR4 unit can supply all the hot water needed and in some applications, energy savings can pay back the unit cost in one year.

The TITAN-SCR4 tankless water heater comes with a 10 year warranty on all water carrying components and all other parts are guarantied for one year. Installation is quick and easy requiring no venting, and the TITAN-SCR4 compact size allows installation almost anywhere. The TITAN-SCR4 is without a doubt the tankless water heater of the future.