Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is becoming a necessity in many parts of the world and even right here in some parts of the United States as well. Installing a rainwater catchment and storage system helps save the environment and money.

We’re fortunate that it rains a lot in South Florida. But, there have been times when drought has stricken the entire state and water restrictions were put into effect.

When you have a rainwater harvesting system, you become less dependent on municipal water supplies. What you can do with rainwater is almost limitless; from watering your plants, to flushing toilets, washing clothes and cars and, yes, you can even drink it when properly filtered.

Our stock includes a variety of eco-friendly solutions that can fulfill your daily water needs. We supply models that range in storage capacity from 80 gallons to up to 950 gallons.

Our high-quality tanks are secure, durable and suited for temporary and permanent water storage solutions. Watch as your water bills get smaller every time with a rainwater harvesting installation that can be used without purification to clean your house, wash your car, water your plants and much more.

Rainwater Harvesting Storage Tanks

We treat every project with a unique and personalized approach, and work with you to develop a custom solution that fits your needs and budget. We carefully study every location to make sure the tank fulfills the exact demands of the job and stand behind each installation to ensure the long-term success of every project.

Our tanks range from 6 feet to 120 feet in diameter, and from 4 feet to 30 feet in height, holding from 700 gallons to more than 500,000 gallons of water. They can be built with pitched, flat, or inverted (funnel) roofs, or no roof. Exteriors can be galvanized steel, timber, painted or clad. Some customers use our tanks as beautiful and unique signage.

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