Are you considering replacing the water heating system for your commercial property? If you have contacted your local plumber, you have been most likely advised to install tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are the best-fit replacement for traditional water heating systems, especially for large-scale projects such as commercial and residential apartments, lodgings, hotels, and schools. With tankless water heaters, you'll get more than a high-functioning system; you'll also save more on your energy costs, as they are 34% more energy efficient compared to other water heaters.

If you haven’t already installed tankless water heaters on your property, you are missing out on significant energy savings. However, many tankless water heater companies near you are ready to install an electric tankless water heater, such as Rheem RTEX-13. Other than saving you a substantial amount of money on energy bills, tankless water heaters can provide the following benefits.

1. Long-Lasting With Few Maintenance Costs

Tankless water heaters last for more than 20 years and only require repairs within 15 years. You can install a tankless electric water heater or a gas water heater and enjoy excellent service for almost two decades without spending much on maintenance. Compared to water heaters that utilize tanks in their heating system, your building or commercial property is better off using tankless water heaters. If, for instance, you own a chain of hotels, you'll save thousands of dollars over the years in energy costs when you install commercial gas water heaters.

2. Less Space Occupation on Your Property

You can imagine how much space a 100 gallon commercial water heater takes up. The water heaters that utilize storage tanks occupy a lot of space, given the massive tanks they have to use for storage. On the other end of the spectrum, tankless water heaters occupy less space as they do not utilize storage tanks. As tankless water heaters only heat water on demand, they've no use for big storage tanks. When someone needs hot water and presses the hot water button, the water is heated within seconds.

Today, there is less space to accommodate mansion-like buildings in our cities. Therefore, the architecture of most modern buildings is specifically designed only to accommodate tankless water heaters as they economize on space.

3. Elimination of Flooding Risk

Since tankless water heaters don't utilize storage tanks, the possibility of water flooding your property is reduced. Most property owners who utilize the traditional water heaters are frequent victims of the flooding that occurs when the tanks are full. With nobody to power down the water heating system, disaster can occur. In a residential apartment with traditional water heaters, some tenants may forget to turn off the water heaters leading to water overflowing from the tanks -- thus causing flooding.

With tankless water heaters, there is little to no chance of flooding as water is heated on-the-go without having to wait for long. The only possibility of flooding would be through leakages. However, given the durability of tankless water heaters, it will take you more than two decades before you start worrying about fixing water leaks on the system.

4. Reduction of Water Use

Since water is only heated when needed, it is optimally utilized and wastefulness is reduced. There is little to no leakage on tankless water heaters as water does not run back and forth into a storage tank, as it does with other water heaters. Tankless water heaters will heat for as long as a person is using the water and stop heating when switched off. This process saves both water and energy. For those who are concerned about eco-conscious practices, tankless water heaters are a wholly sustainable option.

For property owners still utilizing the traditional water heaters, it's high time to consider switching to a tankless water heater. Call a trusted tankless water heater company to help you make the switch. For more, please contact us today.