About 18% of a property’s average energy use is consumed by water heating. Have you noticed the energy costs for your business are rising and you don’t know why? Does it take longer for the water to heat up for use? Does your water heater make strange noises or leak? If the water heater for a business is showing any of those signs, it’s time for commercial water heater service. Whether you’re a plumber, property manager, property owner, landlord, restaurant owner, or hotel manager, keeping water hot and usable is imperative. If a hot water heater currently in use is showing signs that it is not working properly, can’t keep up with the hot water demand, or you just know it’s old, contact a commercial water heating company.

How Long Will a Commercial Water Heater Last?

It’s actually quite important to know the useful life of commercial water heaters. Knowing exactly when they should be replaced can help avoid unexpected expenses. There are factors that have a huge impact concerning the longevity of a water heating system too. It is always a good idea to work closely with a water heater company that can give the expert guidance needed when it comes to replacing a water heater. They have the necessary knowledge about name-brand water heaters and different types of water heaters so you are assured that the right, most cost-effective water heater is being installed for your business.

Consider Commercial Water Heater Service Options

Whether you are choosing a water heater system for an apartment complex, or other types of commercial properties, you need to understand all of the options when it comes to commercial water heater service. Should you invest in a tank-type water heater or tankless water heater? Of course, it all depends on what you want out of the system. If you’re looking for longevity, a tankless system lasts for up to 20 years. Systems that use tanks only last 10 years on average. The important point to remember is to replace systems during the last years of the expected lifespan before they breakdown.

Understand the Signs of a Failing Water Heater System

Water heaters give warning signs fairly early when they are about to stop functioning. There are a few common symptoms that a faulty water heater will give including discolored or rusty water. Water that isn’t clear is a sign that the tank is deteriorating on the inside. Are loud noises coming from the water heater? This could indicate that there are calcium deposits in the tank. Calcium deposits can buildup and eventually block the drain valve and cause serious problems with performance.

Is there a lack of hot water? This could be due to an increase in water usage, or reduced performance from the water heating system. Have you noticed any leaks near the water heater? Unfortunately, a leak from tank-type water heaters requires immediate replacement. If your system is tankless, it may be able to be repaired. Contact a commercial water heater company that can inspect the system and offer commercial water heater service such as timely repairs.

The Experts Help Find the Right Solution

Commercial water heater service experts are there to help you find the right solutions to your water heater problems. Whether you need tankless electric water heaters, solar or gas-based heaters, heating parts, and elements, or storage tanks the experts are available to answer questions and provide the information needed to make the right choice. Do you know which size of water heating system is right for your business? Top water heater suppliers can find the capacity and type of water heater that suits you best. They specialize in water heaters and always make the best recommendations.

Only Qualified Personnel Complete Installations

The same company that helps you find the perfect commercial water heater can also ensure it is installed correctly. They only use insured and licensed experts that are part of their in-house personnel. This ensures that the task is accomplished correctly the very first time.