Water Heaters can last over a decade if maintained well. You will have the occasional repairs, but the chances of having a full-blown breakdown are reduced when yearly maintenance and flushing is addressed. Leaks in a water heater system are quite common. If you have a puddle of water near your water heater it indicates a failed component or breakage, for instance a valve or a fracture in the water storage compartment. There are two main water heater leaks to look out for:

Water Heater Leaking from The Top

If you find a damp patch on the top of the water heater, it can be due to a leak in the inlet or outlet. The pipe connecting the water heater to your home may have developed a leak due to a crack or loose fitting. Incorrect installation is a common cause behind these problems. Inspect the pipes for damage. Thoroughly inspect the connections between the house and the water heater. A loose connection can be corrected with a pipe wrench. If the pipe bursts or is covered in rust, you need to call in a professional to fix it. The T&P valve can leak too. This valve is typically situated on the side of the water heater; look for signs of water around it. If there’s a stream of water leaking out, the valve will need to be tightened or replaced. Drain the water in the heater until it is below the level of the valve. Open a hot water faucet nearby to allow air to fill the container. Unscrew the valve and inspect it. If it’s rusted, it might need to be replaced. If there are no visible signs of corrosion, wrap Teflon tape around it and tighten it.

Water Heater Leaking from The Bottom

Locate the source of the leak in your water heater. Leaks at the bottom often originate around the drain valve. The drain valve allows water to be drained in case the unit is to be removed. You can identify leaks in the drain if there’s moisture or droplets of water there. Make sure the valve is tightly shut to correctly diagnose problems. To replace the valve, use a hose to drain the unit. Replacement valves should be easy to find in local hardware stores. They only require a wrench to secure in place. We offer all sorts of water heater related services under one roof, in one place. We provide a wide range of commercial and residential water heating services, guaranteed for reliability and quality. Call us at (305) 633-2656 to book your appointment today!