Water heaters are generally considered old if you’ve had them for 8 to 12 years. This is the approximate life of a water heater, depending on how well it is maintained. Your water heater has probably given you perfect service up until now. The older it gets, the more likely it is to develop problems. Here are some signs that indicate the water heater is nearing its end:

Frequent Breakdowns and Repairs

Both electric and gas water heaters tend to experience problems like foul odor in the water, leaks, and inadequate heating. If these problems come up once in a while, there is no need to consider repairs or replacements. If your water heater tends to require such repairs frequently, let’s say once every month, it’s time to consider investing in a new water heater. When the bills on repairing these problems begin to add up, it’s probably a good financial decision to just invest in a replacement. You could opt for a water heater that uses the latest technology and is most efficient.

Strange Color of The Water

Daily wear takes its toll on the water heater. You will notice corrosion and rust on the outside of your water heater. If the water out of the faucet is a rusty color, your heater has begun rusting on the inside too! To be sure, drain the water heater. If there is reddish water coming out by the third bucket, or if the water tends to clear out after a while, you might be dealing with rusty pipes.

Rumbling Sounds

Water heaters nearing the end of their life tend to make rumbling noises. These noises are caused by the debris and sediment that have built up over the years. The constant heating and reheating of the water heater hardens the sediment. After a point, the sediment buildups cannot be drained, and a replacement is required.

Heavy Usage

Larger households experience more wear to their water heaters due to the extent of use. Excessive use of the water heater can reduce its life since such water heaters tend to experience problems earlier than expected. A water heater will work well when its maintenance is addressed regularly. An annual flushing is recommended by experts. If maintenance hasn’t been done in years, you can expect breakdowns that can be costly to repair. Miami Water Heater provides clients with residential and commercial water heater solutions. Our technicians are experienced and work dedicatedly to give you the best services possible. Call us at (305) 633-2656 to book an appointment!