Whether you are in the market for a water heater for your apartment, condo, hotel, restaurant or Airbnb, sizing your water heater is a crucial decision point. Your choice in water heater can help make your business a success or may even cause it to fail in some ways. With a host of water heaters on the market, which one is perfect for your needs? The amount of water you require in a day is one of the determinants of the size you should opt for. There can be a few types that meet your requirement. Here is some help from our experts to help give you direction:

Commercial Vs Residential Water Heaters

Commercial and residential water heater sizing are poles apart. Commercial water heaters are used for establishments such as hotels, office buildings, apartments and restaurants. Residential water heaters are quite self-explanatory. There aren’t as many sizing options when it comes to residential water heaters. The common sizes are sufficient to cater to a home of four people even at peak usage times. Commercial water heaters operate under much different circumstances in comparison to homes. This means that additional factors must be considered when determining commercial water heaters, especially those operations that require a steady supply of water to remain in business like restaurants, laundromats, hotels and more. Experienced professionals will be best able to guide you for a water heater size that will comfortably accommodate your needs. The marking on water heaters and the lingo used is best understood by one who has been in the business for a while.

Factors to consider

The physical size of a water heater is not always what is being referred to. The physical size is just one contributing factor. Storage capacity and input are other important features to consider. The model numbers on water heaters indicate how many gallons of hot water can be stored as well as the power of the burner. In order to figure out the perfect combination that works best for your business, you will have to identify the required hot water supply. Here is a checklist for things to consider:
  1. Number of fixtures used in your establishment, the number of sinks, dishwashers, pools, showers, washing machines etc.
  2. Number of hours the business operates—e.g. 24/7 or lunch/dinner hours only.
  3. Your location. Whether or not seasonal changes affect the temperature of water needed in the area.
  4. Venting requirements or restrictions
By defining all such factors in a more quantitative way, you can narrow down the amount of hot water your business requires. For further help on the matter, contact Miami Water Heater. They deal in commercial water heater purchase and installation and offer water heater parts as well.