The DIY trend has taken the world by storm! For some of the most important decisions in life, we consult a search engine instead of a professional. We trust the words of nameless users more than that of the person doing the required job. Having said that, water heaters are no joke! They are one of the more potentially dangerous appliances you use around your home. They contain many gallons of very hot water (at least 120 degrees F), gas lines, live wires, etc. Here are all the reasons you need to tuck away your toolkit and call a professional:

They bring in warranties

Water heater installation services offer warranties. If your water heater is malfunctioning due to an error in installation, the service that installed it for you can be called in to fix the problem free of cost. The plumber you hire may provide additional warranties in terms of future maintenance; now who wouldn’t want that?

Codes and permits

Make sure that the service you hire to do the job has the required certifications to do the job. As a result, they will be informed about local building and fire codes. They could easily get hold of plumbing permits that ensures your work is done safely and within what the law stipulates.


Water heaters can be expansive appliances. Storage water heaters are heavy and large units, and usually cannot be installed by one person alone. Your licensed plumber will have expert knowledge on the piping and vent installation for the job. They will also be better equipped with the tools and machinery required to do the job adequately, like soldering of pipes.


Hot water systems deal with high temperatures. Putting together such a system yourself is nothing less than a safety hazard. Electrical wiring, natural gas and a pilot light are some of the things you will be dealing with. Many people don’t realize that if the system is installed incorrectly, you could be dealing carbon monoxide filling your house—which can be toxic. Licensed plumbers with hands-on experience know exactly what is needed to be done hence reducing chances of accidents. They possess the knowledge of how to minimize risk of damage and injury.

Calling in professionals is cheaper

This may be hard to believe since we are tuned to believe that DIY-ing our way through life is the most cost effective way. In order to install a water heater, specialized tools and machines are required. The cost of purchasing such specialized tools is way more than what it would cost to use a licensed plumbing service. Looking for experts? Contact Miami Water Heater for an affordable residential gas water heater. We also deal in commercial and tankless water heaters.