Did you buy a replacement after being bothered by the incessant leaking or lack of hot water? Did you choose a new heater as your old one just hit the 10 year mark? Then you’re probably looking for ways to install it! To ensure this goes off without a hitch, here are a number of steps to follow.

Step One: Cut Off the Electricity or Gas

Before you install your shiny new heater, remove the old one from its place. To do that, cut off the electric supply at the circuit breaker or gas at its source. To double check, use a circuit tester for voltage detection. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Step Two: Empty Out the Tank

Check for the hot water faucet and let the hot water run. Once it turns cold, shut off the cold water supply to the heater. This valve will be located on the top part of your heater. Now connect the drain valve to a garden hose to drain all the water outside.

Step Three: Remove the Plumbing

Once your tank has been drained, disconnect all the supply lines. This includes both the cold and hot water supply lines. To cut the pipes, use a pipe cutter and make sure you don’t get your hands!

Step Four: Remove The Old Tank

Once you’ve successfully performed all the above steps, remove your old heater. Use a helper or a dolly to help you move the heavy tank out of the way.

Step Five: Connect Hot and Cold Water Supply

Use a wire brush to clean the water pipe threads. Now connect the cold and hot water supply pipes very carefully. Make sure that you leave a little space when connecting these pipes.

Step Six: Install Both the Vent Hood And Vent Piping for Gas Heaters

Make sure you’ve got self-tapping sheet metal screws for this step. Place the vent hood over the flue area. If you don’t know what that is. Look for it on the top of the heater. Now secure it in place using the sheet metal screws. Once you’ve properly secured the vent hood in place, move on vent piping installation. First check the quality of your previous vent pipe. If it’s undamaged, go ahead and reuse it with your new heater. But make sure that its diameter matches that of the vent pipe’s.

Step Seven: Install the Gas Line

Before proceeding, make sure that the gas supply is turned off. Now remove the sticker from the gas control valve. This is the spot where the gas line will connect. Now using two wrenches attach the gas nipple to the gas control valve. Make sure you do that with a tight grip. But DO NOT turn on the gas yet!

Step Eight: Or Hire A Professional

Installing a water heater is not as easy as it looks! From connecting the T&P Drain Pipe to installing the vent pipe, it can get very complicated way too fast. Hiring a Miami Water Heater technician will ensure that you get only the fastest and most professional water heater installation services for your home or business.

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