Are you looking to replace your old water heater? Confused between electric, gas, and solar heaters? Your choice of water heater is not without its repercussions. After all, heating water alone accounts for 18 % of your electricity bill! If you’re looking to make an environmentally conscious decision, here are three environmental benefits of opting for a solar heater:

1. Contributes Less to Air Pollution

Using a conventional water heater comes at the expense of nature. Fossil fuels, when burnt, are known to release harmful gases into the atmosphere. From SO2 to CO, these pollutants can drastically deteriorate air quality. Did you know that SO2 is one of the main culprits for acid rain? SO2 pollutants, nitrogen oxides, and other particles produce deadly acid rain when they react. This is not only dangerous for marine life and wildlife, but also human life. However, the harmful effects don’t just stop there! Bad air quality can also take a toll on human health, ecosystems, and food crops. But a solar heater ensures that such harmful emissions are kept to their lowest. By installing a solar heater that’s environmentally-friendly, you become part of a positive environmental change.

2. Places Lesser Strain on Non-Renewable Resources

Conventional water heaters run on non-renewable resources. From coal to uranium, these non-renewable resources help generate electricity to keep your water hot. But non-renewable resources are finite supply. This means that over time, the reserve of non-renewable resource diminishes. From 2007–2018 alone, 82% of the United States electricity needs were fulfilled by nuclear resources and fossil fuels. Staggering, right? But our finite supply of fossil fuels can only last us so long! A solar water heater ensures that you don’t exhaust non-renewable resources to meet your hot water needs. Instead, it makes efficient use of the sun’s energy to provide you with warm water.

3. Minimizes Water Pollution

The negative impacts of using a conventional water heater don’t just end at air pollution. The harmful emissions from fossil fuels can also take a toll on a country’s water reserves. From lakes to seas, fossil fuel emissions can also greatly increase sea levels. Buying a solar water heater prevents that! If you use a heater that runs on the sun’s energy, then the chances of harmful fossil fuel emissions are reduced. Heating your water in an environmentally-friendly way ensures you don’t get to harm the water resources along the way! Looking for a solar heater, installation or solar parts for your water heater? Then reach out to Miami Water Heater. We’ve been in the water heating business for over 70 years! For commercial water heater parts, get in touch with us today!