Let’s begin with a simple question; how would you feel if there was no hot water in your showers and faucets? It’s pretty unpleasant to imagine how that would feel, right? So, how do you make sure you never have to worry about this particular issue? This is where water comfort systems come in:

What Is A Water Comfort System?

A water comfort system is a recirculation system, which is designed to instantly bring hot water into your plumbing fixtures. A benefit of this system is that it doesn’t require a brand new line as it uses the existing cold water line. The system consists of a pump, which is installed on the water heater and a valve which is installed on one of the (existing) faucets. Water flows from the heater, through the recirculation pump and the hot water supply line before returning into the heater. From there it flows in the cold water line.


Before you actually get the system installed, make sure you inspect all the documents and double check that the pump isn’t damaged. You will also have to shut down the supply of water to the heater before you start the installation process. Also, remove the water in hot water line. Throughout the installation process, the faucet stays open. The pump will be installed on the water heater discharge using a PVC pipe joint. Once done, the valve supply line is reopened. This is done to remove all the air that might still be present in the pipe. After that, the faucet is closed.


We have talked about water comfort systems as well as the installation process but the question remains, “Why should I install this system?” First and foremost, once you have installed this system, you no longer have to worry about hot water supply in your plumbing fixtures. When you are using appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, you have to wait for sometime before the water heats up. Needless to say, this results in wastage of water and time. However, with water comfort systems, you do not have to worry about this issue. Need hot water at a specific time? Water comfort systems have a timer, which you can set accordingly. This way you can ensure water is available whenever you need it. Looking for a company that offers water heater and comfort system installation services? We also offer solar water heater installation services. In addition, we also install tankless electric and gas water heaters. Contact us at 305-633-2656.