We’ve always taken water for granted; we turn the tap and out comes fresh, clean water. But with the earth undergoing a drastic climate change and natural water resources quickly drying out; water is fast becoming a limited commodity. This is why the need to conserve our limited water supply and store as much as we can. This is where rainwater harvesting comes in.

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting, also known as roof water harvesting, collects, stores and distributes rainwater from the roof for use inside and outside the house. It is a way of recycling water by the means of collecting it from the building’s roof, passing it through a filter so that it’s debris-free and then storing it in a tank for consumption.

How Does Rainwater Harvesting Work?

  • Rainwater is captured through the drain pipes on a building’s roofs or elsewhere.
  • The stored rainwater is then passes through a filter to make it clean for consumption.
  • The harvested rainwater can be stored in a single or multiple tanks that are connected, either under or above the ground.
  • The harvested rainwater is supplied directly where needed on demand, or is pumped to an internal holding tank.
  • When the rainwater supply runs, the main water pump unit is activated.
  • Once there is rain again, the same process follows and the water system automatically reverts back to using the harvested rainwater.

The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater makes for an economically and environmentally beneficial water supply system. There are many advantages to using it:
  1. Using a rainwater harvesting system can decrease your dependence on the main water supply system. This will bring an overall reduction in water usage and lead to conserving natural supplies of water.
  2. Rainwater is naturally clean and of high quality.
  3. You can harvest rainwater for free. Once you get a rainwater harvesting system installed, the benefits are many and the costs none. You’ll also get to reduce your water bills and save money that way.
Once a rainwater harvesting system has been installed on your property, you can enjoy the benefits without worrying about water shortages or monthly water bills. The initial installing of the system will cost you but the ROI is high and will save you money in the long run. Plus, it’s also environmentally sustainable. If you’re looking for rainwater harvesting systems in Florida, contact us at Miami Water Heater. We handle both residential and commercial clients, as well as provide high-quality water solutions.