For those who don’t know the first thing about these heaters, it can become tricky to choose the right model or indeed even know if this is the right option for you. Don’t worry. Miami Water Heater has got you covered! Here are some factors that should help you decide if you should buy a water heater or not! Solar Water Heater Miami

- Purpose

Solar water heating systems are the perfect choice for larger establishments and larger families, since they help you save water while saving a lot of energy as well. Highly efficient in their function, buying a solar water heater is one of the best steps you could take to save on your water heating bills.


Although pricier than the other systems, solar water heaters can end up saving you money and can be worth the initial high price.


There are two types of solar heating systems; the FPC which is the Flat Plate Collector and the ETC which is the Evacuated Tube Collector. The FPC is made of metal, and though expensive, is more durable and has a longer life. But they need extra protection if you live in a location where the temperature goes below zero. In contrast, the ETC system is much cheaper and made of glass, so it’s a bit fragile as well. Repairing the ETC system can cost a lot if something damages it, and requires a heat exchange as well if you get salty water in your region. commercial Solar Water Heater Miami


The larger the heater, the pricier it will be. However, it will also be more efficient. Since you only buy water heaters once in at least 5 years, consider buying one that satisfies your hot water needs down the years. While the initial cost may seem high, they are made up for with savings in utilities down the line.


Buy a solar heater if you live in a region that has a lot of sunlight. So even if you do get one or two cloudy days, you’ll still be able to survive thanks to the heat that’s stored. These heaters solely depend on solar power so you’ll need to make sure you get plenty of it, if you’re going to make extensive use of this system.

Buy from a Reliable Source

The last factors depend on certification, warranty and brand. But for that, you need a store that offers all that in one package. As experts for all your water heater needs, we have a fine inventory of water heaters for commercial as well as residential clients. Contact us to know which solar water heater is the best for you!