How many times have you turned on your shower, only to be hit with an ice-cold blast of water – enough to shrivel and freeze your body? Too many times! Old water heaters tend to breakdown especially during wintertime.

Too much demanding usage, perhaps? No sir! It’s the water heater’s job to provide heated water at any time of the day! The old water heater already installed in your home when you became the owner, has no excuse. Throw it out – replace it with a newer and better water heater because everybody deserves hot water.

Check out the suggestions on the guide below and buy the best water heater for your money.

Types of Water Heaters Available In the Market

There are numerous choices for consumers when looking to buy a hot water heater. Thinking about some considerations before setting out will help you find the best one for your requirements. Consider:

  • Your daily water usage
  • Water heating preference (gas, oil, electricity, solar)

    As such, there are mainly 5 types of water heaters:

    1. Storage Tank Water Heater
    2. Tank-less Water Heater
    3. Heat Pump Water Heater
    4. Condensing Water Heater
    5. Solar Water Heater

      Buying the best one means taking a lot of factors into consideration. Energy efficiency is a big concern, and some water heater types claim to cut energy costs compared to regular models. Other ways to find the best water heater is by:

      Determining Capacity

      Size of storage tank is an important consideration on which many consumers base water heater purchases. Actually, there is a more important factor that helps – first hour rating (FHR) specified on the Energy Guide label. In simple terms, FHR rating is the peak hour demand capacity of the water heater.

      What does it measure? This rating will tell you how much hot water will be delivered by the water heater during a busy hour. When shopping for residential electric water heater, estimate your required peak hour demand and search for a water heater unit within that range.