One of the critical things that operating a 9 to 5 office or 24/7 full-service restaurant requires for smooth running is hot water from taps without fail. Life without hot water coming from the pipes on an extremely busy work day means discomfort, distraction and possibly even lost business.

A steady stream of hot water is especially important for the hospitality and food service industry! So, what will you do if your commercial water heater broke down suddenly, in the middle of a busy work day?

Call a water heater repair person for servicing. But it may make more sense to purchase a new commercial water heater, one that is less likely to break down.

Consider the following points, which will make your purchase easier on your pocket. When choosing a commercial water heater, consider

  • Preferred heating fuel
  • Unit’s size
  • Required capacity
  • Water storage options
  • Installation costs
  • Company’s/restaurant’s hot water needs

    Let’s explore your commercial water heater buying considerations in more detail.

    Select Heating Unit That Doesn’t Require Change in Existing Plumbing System

    There are some steps you must take before bringing in a new commercial water heater. The existing plumbing system in your workplace should be thoroughly inspected. How will this help?

    Conducting a professional preliminary checkup of your plumbing system can help identify potential problems that can be addressed before installing a new water heater. Additionally, this will also provide some insight as to what type of commercial heater will fit the bill.

    Are You Considering Heater Voltage In Your Buying Factors?

    This is an important factor to keep in mind when buying a commercial water heating unit, especially if looking at electric options. Whole-building heaters feature 208-240 volt units, although lower voltage models (tankless gas parts) are available as well in gas and electric.

    Are you looking for a commercial heating unit that achieves high temperatures quickly? High-voltage units are the best option for this requirement. On the other hand, a low-voltage heater will have better energy efficiency and reduce costs. They are ideal for businesses that don’t require 24/7 running hot water.

    Additional Features That Guarantee Peak Work Output and Efficiency

    Commercial businesses are always on the lookout for ways by which energy and operation costs can be cut down without compromising on efficiency. This is why it’s imperative to purchase commercial appliances that are energy efficient and able to generate peak performance during busy hours.

    Remember to check energy efficiency ratings, labeled on the unit. Ensure minimal monthly costs as well as a stable hot water supply by choosing a commercial water heater unit with a higher efficiency rating.

    Make this an easier task by visiting a water heater supplier who offers many types of units under one roof. We’re your go-to option for commercial water heater and parts in Florida!