Most homeowners will admit to not taking care of their water heaters. Maintenance is a must for every appliance in your home, especially the ones that contribute significantly to your home’s energy costs. Water heating accounts for 18% of a home’s monthly bills, and this figure can increase significantly if your water heater isn’t maintained. Maintenance tasks are only required once or twice a year, but they make a marked difference. Our experts have put together a guide to help you increase the life of your water heater:

Maintenance checks

Regular maintenance is the best way to improve the life of any appliance. Your water heater, in particular, works all year round, to provide smooth service; it must be maintained regularly. Maintenance tasks include checking for signs of damage, leaks, sediment build-up, cracks in the body, etc. The earlier any leak or crack is spotted by a professional, the less costly the repair will be. Ignoring leaks will only increase the chances of your home flooding, damaging all the belongings nearby. Fixing a leak can be as easy as just tightening a pipe or replacing one that doesn’t fit right or has developed a leak. However, if the water tank itself has developed a leak, the entire water heater needs to be changed.

Flush the tank

Traditional water heaters with a storage tank hold water every minute of every day. Every 6 to 12 months, it’s essential you drain out the water to test it. Fill up a bucket for this purpose. If the water is orange or muddy in color, there’s an issue with your water heater. Similarly, the bucket could be full of dirt and debris as well. In such a situation, the water heater needs to be cleaned out. Don’t try doing it yourself; its best to let a professional take charge of the situation. The debris that fills the bucket is actually sediment build-up. When water heaters get old, they tend to have significant build-up, which affects the storage capacity of the water heater. Having the water heater cleaned out will improve its capacity and supply your home with more water.

Inspect gas lines

Even though newer technology has been developed in the world of water heaters, many homes still have gas water heaters with a storage tank. Inspect the gas lines to check for cracks, leaks, and corrosion down the pipes. If you suspect a gas leak, you need to call in a professional immediately.

Install a water softener

Some areas are known to have hard water, which means the water has a higher than usual mineral content. Mineral deposits can be left behind in the water heater tank, which affects its lifespan. To ensure your water heater lasts you many years, get a water softener installed. Sign up for maintenance agreements with our technicians at Miami Water Heater. With years of experience in the industry, our technicians perform a detailed inspection of your home’s water heater. We also deal in tankless, electric, gas, and solar water heaters from brands like Rheem and Richmond. We also provide water heater parts over on our online store and in our showroom. Call (305) 633-2656 for more information about our services.