Tankless water heaters have grown in popularity in recent years. With more people understanding the environmental crisis the world is facing, homeowners are trying to do their part by having tankless water heaters installed in their homes. These water heaters are known to use up to 41 gallons less hot water every day, as well as being 34% more energy-efficient. If you’re considering a tankless water heater, but you’re unsure if it’s right for your home, here are some signs that you need to get one installed:

Your old water heating system is on its last leg

Traditional gas and electric tank-based water heaters tend to have a life span of 10 to 15 years. They come with a warranty of 4 to 6 years depending on the manufacturer.

Your water heating costs are high

The older your water heater becomes, the less efficient it gets. The heating element of the system tends to get clogged up with grime and corrosion, which negatively affects the water heating ability of the system. It also means your water heater has to work in overdrive, leading to higher costs.

Sediment build-up

Sediment build-up is another common issue that arises with older water heaters. This sediment affects the capacity of the water heater leading to less hot water for your home. Instead of trying to get the system fixed, you’re probably better off with a replacement.

You want to lower your energy costs

Water heating makes up 18% of your home’s energy costs. A more efficient water heating system will help reduce your heating costs significantly. A tankless water heater is one of the best ways to reduce your water heating bills. Traditional water heaters with storage units are known to have anywhere from 36 to 60 gallons of water, depending on the number of people in the house. The water is heated to the required temperature and then stored in an insulated space. Whenever the hot water is not being used, the tank’s pilot light is always on to keep the water warm. A tankless water heating system, on the other hand, doesn’t have any storage tank. The water passes through the unit to heat the water instantly, with the help of a new and improved electric or gas heating element. Get your tankless water heater from us at Miami Water Heater. We deal in Rheem tankless water heaters to meet any capacity. Our experts have worked with many commercial and residential clients in the area. We install and provide maintenance facilities for our clients. Purchase water heater parts for your gas or electric water heater from us. Call (305) 633-2656 for more information about our services.