Spotted a leak in your water heater? Don’t panic! Leaks in water heaters initially don’t pose much threat but the longer the problem is left unattended, the worse it gets. You can end up spending big bucks to get such damage fixed. Gas and electric water heaters both are susceptible to leaks. There are a number of easy fixes for this problem. Here are some quick tips on fixing them:

T&P relief Valve Leak

The temperature and pressure relief valve on your water heater is highly susceptible to leaks. These leaks typically happen due to the temperature fluctuations in water that passes through them. The seals within tend to expand and contract to the point where they fail. At times water heaters may be fitted with faulty valves which need to be replaced to address leaks or chances of leaks. If the temperature on your water heater is set too high, lower it. According to global water heater safety standards, the temperature should be set to 120 F.

Leaks at The Top Of Your Water Heater

If you find wet patches at the top of your water heater, it most likely means there is a problem with the cold water inlet or hot water outlet connections. A minor leak can be fixed by tightening the nuts with a wrench. However, if water seems to be spraying out in large volumes, consider reaching out to professionals to address the problem.

Leaks at The Bottom Of The Tank

Water storage tank leaks are perhaps the most common. These leaks are typically caused by rusting and decaying of the metal body. Once again, calling in a professional to deal with this problem is the best approach. This problem requires expertise with both the mechanical and electrical aspects of the water heater; not to mention such repairs can be expensive. Avoid all such risks through regular maintenance checks.

Leaks in The Drain Valve

This sort of leak occurs in electric water heaters. Like the T&P valve, a faulty drain valve is also prone to leaks due to sediment buildups. Since buildups of any kind tend to narrow down the area available for water to pass through, the pressure buildup can often cause failure of the valve seals leading to leaks.

Leaks in The Heating Element

Heating element leaks are among the most difficult ones to address. The gasket is hidden behind an insulated access panel. Over a long period of use, the gasket loses it shape and flexibility, giving way to water to seep through. Since this repair involves in-depth technical knowhow, it is best left to the professionals. Miami Water Heater is a reliable company to consult for water heater repairs and installations. We provide residential as well as commercial water heater solutions. Call us at (305) 633-2656 to book an appointment!