2014 was a cold year for residents of Key West, Florida. The beautiful beach city of Miami experienced the coldest temperature on record—52 degrees compared to the average 70 degrees.

Incorporating a good heating system in the design plan of homes in Miami has become an essential requisite.

However reducing energy used for heating your home is also very important as this is the only way to achieve a net zero goal!

Choosing An Energy Efficient Water Heater

The most efficient heating systems on the market are air-source heat pumps, units that take out heat from the air (even in sub-zero temperature) and move it as hot refrigerant through a small pipe which deliver heat into the house.

However, water heating is also important to consider especially when you wish to avoid cold water in the shower. Choosing a water heating system that takes energy efficiency into account isn’t difficult.

Why Go For Energy Efficiency Heating?

Water heating takes a large chunk out of the average household’s energy bill. It makes sense to replace your old water heating system with a better, more energy efficient unit.

How can you go about this?

Determine Your Household’s Water Usage Needs

A family of four will definitely use more water than a smaller family. Typical water usage in one day can include taking several showers, running the dishwasher, and washing a few loads of laundry.

Total water usage can amount to 100 gallons per day yet this doesn’t mean you need a 100 gallon capacity unit.

Be as accurate as possible when estimating the figure. After all, there’s nothing worse than taking a shower and running out of hot water!

Calculate Desired FHR

Considering the first hour rating for a tank water heater will help make the comparison easier. The FHR or first-hour rating provides an excellent guide to size water heaters and compare energy usage. What does the FHR mean?

This concept indicates how much hot water can be or is delivered in the first hour. You can also look at the time the heater requires return to full FHR level.

Gas or Electric Water Heaters – Which One Is The Best?

Gas water heating units are undoubtedly cheaper compared to electric water heater installation yet in the long run, only one is better.

  1. Electric heaters are less expensive to purchase

  2. Electric water heaters are easy to install

  3. Electic tank heaters are safer compared to gas heating

  4. Electric tank heaters operate more efficiently

We take our residential water heating system for granted. Pay attention to warranty, energy efficiency, and achieving optimal heated water to promote a more energy efficient home! Consider taking your requirements to Miami Water Heater and select a good unit from our collection today!