What is your ideal morning during the cooler South Florida months? Waking up and stepping on cold tiles is not exactly the ideal way to kick start your morning. Walking into a cold kitchen is another shocker.

How well your home’s heating or cooling system works depends on the type of piping used to connect the system.

Copper pipes are still being used for connecting heating and cooling systems. As far as piping goes, copper is still the very best—and for good reason!

Advantages of Using Copper Pipes for HVAC Systems

The exceptional properties of copper and copper alloys have been exploited by modern technology in tube and pipe applications. Copper tubing is still widely used as a means of transporting potable water in houses and buildings.

The second largest application of copper tubing and piping is in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Why? For the following reasons:

Naturally Corrosion Resistant Metal

Copper is naturally corrosion resistant compared with galvanized steel, considering the latter can leak and break due to corrosion damage.

Durable and Incredibly Lightweight

Copper is a durable metal and can easily withstand 1,000 psi of pressure. Yet, the metal is also incredibly lightweight which is surprising! This makes copper easier to utilize in different applications, saving costs.

The metal can also be easily extended over long stretches without any support. Copper can be less expensive than steel and completely lead-free.

More Environment Friendly

Compared to plastic pipes and tubing, copper is environment friendly. The product consists of naturally occurring metal.

Synthetic plastic, on the other hand, creates large amounts of emissions during manufacture alone, which is harmful for the environment and human health.

Why is Copper Tubing Used in HVAC Systems?

Heating and cooling systems have become more efficient after worldwide adoption of copper tubing and piping. Why is copper used?

For the following reasons:

  1. Increased reliability

  2. Ease of maintenance

  3. Superior strength

  4. Easy repair

  5. Resistance to external damage

  6. Excellent heat transfer characteristics

What is the best way to connect copper pipes together, improving efficiency in the process? Fittings are used to connect piping, ensuring the system works perfectly.

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