The world is talking increasingly about renewable water heating and finding a green and better source of energy. Solar energy is the first green energy source that comes to mind, available to everyone and completely free of cost.

Many people think about solar panels when talking about solar energy yet there are other mechanisms available that can successfully harness the sun’s energy.

Often referred as solar thermal systems – SWH or solar water heating is an excellent alternative for water heating.

Here’s why:

Benefits of Installing a Solar Water Heater System

Unfortunately, not many Miami businesses and households have reaped the benefits of solar water heaters, largely because they don’t realize how cost-effective the option can be. Perhaps this misunderstanding comes from not knowing how a solar heater unit works.

This unit utilizes a well-insulated water storage tank which is connected by the collector through an additional inlet and outlet.

Benefits of this system to homeowners and businesses are:

  1. Solar heater operates using sunlight (a free natural resource) which helps in saving electricity costs

  2. Requires only basic fittings and a one-time investment

  3. Water is heated through a renewable and clean energy source

  4. Solar water heater systems are not overly complicated to install, requiring little maintenance

  5. This system is durable and offers a long life (up to 20 years)

Is Your Home a Good Candidate for Solar Water Heating?

Miami enjoys plenty of sunshine and overall good weather all year round. On average, the city sees about 200-250 hours of sunshine per month with May being the sunniest.

Yet there are some things to consider before investing in a solar water heater system.

Is There a Sunny Place to Install Solar Panels?

Heater installation experts at Miami Water Heater recommend having roof space that is at least 54 square feet, facing east to west through south. The area must also receive direct sunlight for the main part of the day.

Is There Space for a Larger (Or an Extra) Hot Water Cylinder?

You will have to install a dedicated solar cylinder in the area if there isn’t one already present. Have a hot water cylinder that doesn’t support solar heating systems?

You will have to replace it or add a cylinder with a solar heating coil.

Is Your Current Boiler Compatible with Solar Water Heating?

Good news for homeowners thinking of installing solar water heating to their home. Most conventional boiler and hot water cylinder systems are compatible with solar water heating.

Do you have a combination boiler but no hot water tank? In this scenario, installing a hot water system isn’t a good idea due to incompatibility.

Installing a solar water heater system for commercial applications is a very good idea. Talk to Miami Water Heater and find the best unit for your need today!