Heated toilet water – it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year round…

Heated water is a necessity. We need it to wash clothes, dishes, and take showers. Restaurants use hot water for a number of reasons, same as other commercial businesses.

Are you looking for a commercial gas water tank-less heater that offers high performance and improved cost-effectiveness? Why not install an on-demand water heater to meet all your hot water demands?

What Are On-Demand Water Heaters?

Also known as tank-less water heaters or instantaneous water heaters, this type of unit provides hot water only as it is needed.

This means that on-demand water heaters only provide as much hot water as it is needed, not operating to heat water when not needed.

Additionally, installing a tank-less water heater in your home ensures no standby energy loss is incurred which is associated with storage water heaters. This helps save a lot of money.

Advantages of installing on-demand water heaters in your home:

  1. Federal tax rebate of $300 is offered with most tank-less units

  2. These water heaters never run out of hot water when needed

  3. On-demand units may last longer than tank heaters

  4. These units use less space and can be installed on walls or outdoors

  5. Only require enough power to heat needed water at one time

  6. Electric tank-less water heaters don’t produce greenhouse gases

  7. Save as much as 20% on your electricity bill

  8. Most units are remote-controlled operated, featuring 4 settings

  9. No possibility at all of flooding due to ruptured tank

One Disadvantage of Tank-less Water Heaters – These Units Have Limits

The limitless quality of tankless electric water heater units is often discussed i.e. their ability to provide limitless heated water without running out. This isn’t entirely accurate…

Compared to a tank water heater, this type of unit provides 3.5 gallons of hot water per minute. Steady flow of heated water is obstructed if a greater gallon demand is placed on the unit. When does this happen?

This occurs when more than one appliance is running at the same time; expect a drop in efficiency and performance.

This doesn’t mean you cannot install this incredible system in your home or business. Just make sure that you install the right capacity or that multiple taps don’t run at the same time. Homes with smaller families are a perfect candidate for tank-less water heater system.

You can also install more than one tank-less water heater for a larger home or business, without any adverse effects to efficiency.

Have you made the decision of installing an on-demand water heater in your home or business? Buy the right model from Miami Water Heater today! We also install and service water heater units in Miami and South Florida.