As homeowners, we do not like thinking about things in our homes breaking down. But, the reality is that eventually, everything in our home will need to be replaced. There will come a time when things start to not work properly and reach the end of their life. However, this is also true when it comes to taking care of our businesses. Regular inspection and maintenance of your home and business systems can help to prevent costly expenses down the road. You may be wondering how you can tell you are in need of a commercial water heater. This guide will help outline some signs that may indicate you are in need of a new commercial water heater.

Cold Water

One of the most telltale signs you are in need of a new electric hot water heater is that the water will be colder than usual. This may not always mean that the water is necessarily cold. You may notice that the water does not get past a lukewarm temperature. The water may also get colder faster. For instance, you may usually take a fifteen minute hot shower and have no issues with the temperature of the water changing. Then, you may only be able to take a five minute shower because the temperature of the water just will not stay warm. This could be true for the faucets or the shower.

Strange Noises

A tankless electric water heater or a gas water heater that is making odd sounds is never a good sign. Any abnormal sounds your water heater is making should be reported to a professional as this could be a sign of trouble. Strange sounds could indicate that something is loose within your water heater and that it is in need of replacement.

Water heating makes up around 18% of your energy costs. Having something break down within your home or business is never pleasant, but contacting a professional to provide you an inspection for your commercial water heater can help to put your mind at ease, as well as alert you of any possible issues. These trained professionals can then provide you with a solution to fix the problem.