Homeowners tend to use more than ten gallons of water in just a single shower! So if your house is equipped with a standard 50-gallon tank, your family may run out of hot water quite quickly. You’ve probably experienced this while in the middle of a shower, with shampoo in your hair. If you’re tired of these mid-shower water crises, you may need to consider a water heater booster. A water heater booster is a small device that’s installed directly on the water line or over the water heater. It improves efficiency, capacity, and pressure. Regardless of whether it’s a gas or electric heater, a tank booster increases its overall performance, and also provides a variety of other benefits.

Healthier Water

Water stored in heaters that’s lower than 122°F becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Legionella, a kind of bacteria, reproduces in temperatures as high as 110°F. This bacterium causes a rare lung infection known as Legionnaires’ disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A water heater booster helps prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful contaminants due to a higher base temperature.

Prevents Accidents

Although water heater boosters are used to increase temperature, they can also be used to reduce the risks of accidents by slowing down pressure. Water heater boosters don’t let water surpass safe temperature ranges, preventing the chances of accidents in both adults and children.

Easy Installation

Installing a water heater booster takes less time and effort compared to water heaters. These boosters provide you with an accessible shut-off valve, controlling costs and water usage while improving efficiency. Water heater installations should be left to a professional to avoid damage and dangers to the existing water heater. If you need to squeeze in more water or add more horsepower to your water heater for holiday guests, book an appointment at 305-633-2656 for water heater booster installation. At Miami Water Heater, we focus on the installation, maintenance, and replacement of all kinds of water heaters across South, Florida.