A cold shower at the end of a long day won’t do anything to make you feel better. Now that the temperatures will drop, it’s essential to have hot water at all times of the day. A functioning water heater can make that happen for you. In this comprehensive guide, our experts have put together a list of the most common water heater problems clients face and their solutions:

There isn’t enough hot water

Having your shower run cold while you’re still washing out your shampoo or conditioner is uncomfortable, to say the least. There are a number of reasons why your water heater isn’t supplying enough hot water for the needs of your family, like:

Your water heater capacity doesn’t meet your need

The capacity of a water heater directly affects how much hot water your home gets. If you’ve moved into a home with a water heater already installed, it might not be big enough to meet the needs of your family. The more people there are living in a home, the greater the amount of hot water that they require. A water heater replacement may not be the only option to get rid of the problem. Luckily for you, Miami Water Heater carries water heater boosters that may solve the problem. If your water heater is so undersized that a water heater booster doesn’t resolve the issue, Miami Water Heater provides water heaters at some of the lowest prices!

There is significant sediment build-up

Sediment begins to build-up in older water heating systems. If your water heater is coming to the end of its life, the chances are that there is significant sediment build-up. This sediment reduces the capacity of the water heater storage. Get your home’s water heaters cleaned out by a professional to help ease the issue. Regular water heater maintenance is also a great way to ensure such issues don’t happen in the future.

The water heater isn’t turning on

Water heater installation is a job best left to experienced professionals. Any issues with installation can lead to a number of problems with your water heater like it not being able to turn on. With gas water heaters, ineffective installation leads to the pilot light not switching on. The pilot light may have burned out or the gas connection to the water heater may be blocked. Check all the gas lines and valves in the system to make sure they’re connected and in the open position. With electric water heaters, the most common reason why they won’t turn on is the tripping of the breaker. Check the breaker and reset the switch. If this issue keeps reoccurring, it’s a sign of faulty installation.

The dip tube is broken

The cold water supply dip tube leads cold water to the bottom of the water heating tank to heat up. The hot water then rises to the surface which is then sent to the faucets in the home. The older your water heating system, the higher the chances of this dip tube breaking. As a result, the cold water leaks out into the top of the tank, leading to cold water in your shower. Call in a professional to fix this issue. Any of these issues will cause your shower or bath to run cold. Get these issues fixed by our water heating technicians at Miami Water Heater. We provide maintenance agreements that ensure your water heater works smoothly. If you’re looking to replace your water heater, get in touch at (305) 633-2656, we deal in Rheem electric, tankless, gas, and solar water heaters.