If only there was some kind of an infinite power source that was free to use all day, every day…

But wait, there is! Are you also looking for a way to stretch your monthly energy dollars while having the luxury of heated water all day? How about investing in one of the oldest forms of technology that is available to us – the sun?

You can save hundreds of dollars per year by installing a good solar water heater system in your home or business— heating your water with this power and saving the environment in the process!

How to go about selecting the best unit?

Selecting a Solar Water Heater – Some Considerations

At least some research is needed to find and install the right solar water heater system for your needs. You must have a clear idea of all systems and the one that will meet your needs most closely!

Consider the following questions when making the selection:

  1. How much hot water demand do you have?

  2. Where do you live? What is the climate like?

  3. What is your budget?

  4. How much environment-friendly do you want to go?

Another consideration to make is choosing between two direct solar energy sources. What is direct solar? This energy source means solar rays are reaching the atmosphere. Additionally, these rays are collected by two different technologies:

Solar Photovoltaic

Also referred as Solar PV, electricity is generated by this technology using solar radiation. Additionally, certain chemical properties of specific materials are exploited with this technology.

Electricity is generated directly via the photoelectric effect. Continuous electrical currents are generated after solar energy hits the atomic structure of the semi-conductor materials.

Modules within the system utilize this process to generate power when the material comes into contact with light.

Solar Thermal Energy

This technology harnesses the power of the sun to obtain thermal energy. What happens next? Generated energy is then used to produce steam which powers a conventional turbine. Electricity is produced as a result!

In fact, electricity is generated with help from solar-thermal power in a manageable way… on-demand in other words.

Buyers can look into two main types of commercial solar-thermal water heater systems – tower and parabolic trough technology.

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