One question you need to ask when planning to add a new appliance or system in your home is, how will the drain be vented?

You won’t always find an easy solution. So what is the best plan of action when installing a vent pipe? Selecting the right one!

Choose from several venting types when developing a residential or commercial plumbing system plan. Look at the following guide:

Vent Pipe Approved Materials

Approved vent pipe materials are designed from:

  1. Galvanized steel

  2. Galvanized wrought iron

  3. Cast iron

  4. Copper

  5. Brass

Vent Pipe Installation – How to Go About This

These pipes are often narrower than drainpipes and don’t slope like drainpipes. Normally, they can be found on level or plumb unless there’s an obstacle in the way.

Vent pipes must be installed in such a way that promotes dry pipes, meaning they should be installed starting from top of the drainpipe. Another requirement is installation at a vertically straight angle so that the water doesn’t back up.

Here’s how to lay the pipe:

Choose The Fittings

Using the correct fittings and pipes is important as your new plumbing system will work better and more efficiently. However, the slightest error or making the wrong choice could lead to sewage backups and other complications.

Some common types of fittings are mentioned below:

Tees – Sanitary tees are commonly used in a vertical position. Usages are for horizontal to vertical drop and trap application.

Wyes – This vent pipe fitting can be used for horizontal and applications as well as a cleanout device.

Combination Tee-Wyes – This pipe fitting is incredibly versatile and can be used in all applications. However, it might not work in applications where it is required to connect a trap arm.

Traps – A p-trap with a union must remain reachable but the same with a solvent weld may or have to be concealed.

Elbows – Which elbow fitting to purchase for venting above the flood level? Use a 90 degree vent elbow. On the other hand, a medium elbow will be installed for transporting waste from horizontal to vertical. These fittings are also used for vents above flood level.

Vent pipe installation is an incredibly important part of plumbing whether in residential or commercial sectors. Make the best buying decision by choosing Miami Water Heater.

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